A1 Capital

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Investment Expertise in the Private Higher
Education and Property Landscape

A1 Capital is a dynamic global equity fund, located in South Africa, with satellite offices throughout the world.  It is positioned as the first private equity fund emanating from the African continent to develop and retain both operational and investment expertise in the areas of education, property and technology.


Market leaders leveraging strong entrepreneurial and operational expertise to create
substantive return on investment

Identifying Opportunities For //
Potential Investors

A1 Capital has a specialist team of principals, who travel the world to identify opportunities in primary, secondary and tertiary education. Through intensive research, these opportunities are investigated and then recommended to its principle investors as an expansion to its current products or new partners are brought on board as new investors.

A1 Capital’s role has stimulated the growth of its assets
Partners and suppliers globally

Investors trust A1 Capital to achieve a premium return on invested capital based on a track record of successfully positioning assets within the market. By maximising on opportunities, having an intrinsic knowledge of the regulatory environments and tapping into a vast network of partners and suppliers globally.

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Bangladesh (Dhaka)


The United States of America


United Kingdom (London)

Sri Lanka (Colombo)

Further than providing patient capital and operating support to strong management teams, A1 Capital’s mandate extends beyond assisting asset companies grow core businesses. They drive them to reach their full potential through launching new initiatives, making transformative acquisitions and upgrading technologies and systems to support their long-term strategy.

Within education lies the power and potential to revolutionise the world. However without the vision, infrastructure and funding to back those dreams, is it really possible to progress? A1 Capital is tasked to identify the right investors who share the same vision of education in South Africa and globally and bring them into its Group of assets.