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Educor is the largest private education supplier in Southern Africa., managing 10 educational brands across its more than 60 campuses and sites in South Africa and internationally. As a Group we possess a rich heritage with brands that have been in existence for many years. Since our inception in 2008, Educor has evolved into an education giant offering face-to-face, distance and online learning. Our face to face brands include Damelin and CityVarsity. Distance brands include INTEC College, Damelin Correspondence College (DCC) and our higher-education distance brand, Lyceum.

We are able to train over 300 000 students anywhere in the country, on the continent and across a variety of sectors with a wealth of programmes.

At the forefront of education

Educor offers comprehensive support by providing the relevant infrastructures, technology and support systems to accommodate students. We take pride in our ability to customise training solutions to meet the modern demands of skills training and development. Today, Educor is at the forefront of higher education, and also delivers customised soft and sector-related skills programmes and learnerships, to small, medium and large companies. With a proud academic heritage, Educor’s focus is on programme offerings; institutional and programme accreditation and meeting the requirements of the regulatory bodies that currently govern the quality of our product.

Proud Academic

Institutional and
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Customised soft and
sector-related skills programmes

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Staff and Community building

Our staff are central to our business, and we remain passionate about the holistic development of our people. We offer our more than 2 000 permanent staff members a 100% bursary to study at any of our educational brands, and a 50% bursary to immediate family. In addition, we recently launched the Educor Staff Development Programme, where staff can upskill in various areas of their field, from home or during working hours. We also take care of the mental and physical health of our staff with various wellness programmes. Supporting the communities in which we serve is also critical to our vision. In January this year, we launched Educor Education Foundation to assist disadvantaged schools with library and science lab facilities.

100% bursary programme for staff
Online Staff Development Programme
Educor Education Foundation




Our quality education is groomed to empower, uplift and elevate the status of the next generation. Join us on this incredible adventure.

“Knowledge is power, knowledge shared is power multiplied”.

– Robert Noyce