Academic Advising Centre

Academic Advising Centre’s Role

Your Academic Adviser is there to guide and assist you while you study. He or she will ensure that you reach your fullest potential.
Your adviser is a subject expert in your field of study and is trained to understand your academic needs and challenges.
We at the AAC provide an online service, by phone and email. In this way you can get the one-on-one help that you need anytime, anywhere.

The Way of the Future

The Academic Advising Centre prides itself on being the first of its kind in Africa. It provides academic support to all our registered students in our brands. The service is pro- active, and academic advisers initiate contact with their students.

AAC Staff

AAC staff consists of 57 team members. There are at present 49. Academic Advisers, 6 Faculty Heads, an IT System Support officer, a Student Support officer and a General Manager. Our staff are committed to academic excellence and student success.

Our Vision

Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. We want to create self motivated, and independent students. By doing this we will be the leading academic Advising Centre in Southern Africa.

Our Students

AAC has supported students academically since 2015. We have offered academic support to 95% of our registered students and more of our students are beginning to realise how much they need our advice.

Training & Development

We practice continuous improvement. Thus, we seek new, improved ways to improve our student’s learning experience. Courses and briefings are a regular feature. Some of the course content involves topics such as: Accelerated learning methods, Facilitator Skills workshops, Customer Relations.


“I assisted a Damelin student by the name of Ronald Samakomva in 2016. As part of his National Diploma in civil engineering – he was attempting most subjects at N4 but still needed to complete the following subject at N3 level: building drawing. I began contacting him in response to an email sent in by his father requesting assistance on his behalf because he was struggling with drawing. I believe he had failed the subject three times. As we worked together, I sent him extra notes for more understanding and we had scheduled calls for the tasks I gave him to do for daily practise. There was a noticeable improvement – he was happy and confident. I did follow-up with after writing his exam but, unfortunately he was quite disappointed as he had found the exam difficult. I tried to calm him down. Once he obtained his results, we were both pleasantly surprised to find that he had indeed passed. He is now on track to complete his diploma in 2017.”

Nonkululeko Mngomezule (Technical School)

“My first point of contact with Lobisa was a welcome call, to introduce myself to her as an academic adviser done on 06th June 2016. While speaking to Lobisa, she mentioned the following “ I don’t know why I registered to study”! I can’t even understand the study guide, I am just a cleaner and I am having a very difficult time trying to learn”. The student was very discouraged, I started to ask her what she feels her challenges are. I started to motivate her and inform her that it’s not how you start but how you finished. I informed her that I will work with her to develop her and her study skills. From that point she trusted me and she made appointments with me to call her. Ever since, Lobisa has used the study skills and methods that I have advised her, to develop herself towards a goal she set. Lobisa obtained 79% for her first exam.To date I am still working with Lobisa.”

Jenevieve Marigadu (Business School)


Academic Advising Centre

The Academic Advising Centre’s Role

The Academic Advising Centre (AAC) is Educorʼs way of providing quality academic advising.

Academic advisers collaborate with the student. They do this to help you the student to develop your full potential.

Each partner has specific roles and responsibilities.