The Quality Assurance Unit (QA)

The Quality Assurance Unit, is housed in the Academic Department of the Educor Head Office. The QA Unit is responsible for the following essential processes in the Higher Education as well as the Occupational and TVET space: accreditation, re-accreditation and registration of programmes, quality assurance of new programmes, site visits, quality assuring and submitting applications for amendments and extensions of scope, quality assuring and submitting of applications for new sites of delivery, annual surveys and reporting to the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Dr Annatjie Erasmus

Dr Anna Wouterina Erasmus

Head of Quality Assurance

D Phil in Science and Technology


Dr Anna Wouterina Erasmus started her career in secondary education in 1986 from where she moved to higher education, joining the then Ciskei Technikon, in 1989.  The Ciskei Technikon became the Border Technikon in 1995 with the reintroduction of the homelands into the Republic of South Africa.  Dr Erasmus ventured from public higher education to private education when joining the MSC College Head Office as Quality Assurance Manager in 2006.  From 2008 to 2015 Dr Erasmus consulted and during this time she assisted a number of private providers in obtaining their accreditation and registration with a variety of accreditation and regulatory bodies as well as professional bodies. In addition to this she also established the Centre for Collaboration and Sustainable Development (CCSD), in 2012.  In 2015 Dr Erasmus took over the reigns as Executive Director of the East London Management Institute (ELMI) and in August 2016 moved from ELMI to the Educor Head Office in Pinetown as Head of Quality Assurance.

Dr Erasmus holds the following qualifications and endorsements:  HDE Commerce (University of Stellenbosch, National Diploma Commercial Practice (former Technikon SA), M Tech Degree in Commercial Administration (former Technikon Vaal Triangle) and D Phil in Science and Technology (University of Stellenbosch), qualified ISO internal auditor and qualified assessor, assessment designer, moderator and verifier (ETDP Seta).

Preethika Munna

Manager: Accreditation and Monitoring (Higher Education)



Preethika’s academic career commenced in 2012 as a Graphic Design lecturer and later a part time Programme Co-ordinator. In 2014 she joined the academic team at the Educor Head Office as the Academic Co-ordinator. She then moved into the post of Regulatory and Compliance Officer focusing on the implementation of quality assurance for all higher education institutions within Educor, including programme accreditation, institutional audits and monitoring of the Higher Education qualifications. She now holds the position of Manager: Accreditation and Monitoring (Higher Education). Her qualifications include a Diploma in Multimedia, Certificate in Assessor Training, and Masters in Business Administration.

Nokuphila Sibiya

Academic Quality Assurance Officer

BSc Microbiology, Btech Quality


Nokuphila holds the position of an Academic Quality Assurance Officer. Her role at Educor is to ensure internal compliance with the regulatory bodies and quality improvement. She is responsible for Umalusi accreditation across all brands, quality assurance of websites, factsheets, study guides and other academic documents.

Noeleen Naicker

Accreditation and Monitoring Officer

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management


Noeleen currently holds the position of Accreditation and Monitoring Officer. Her role at Educor involves the accreditation and monitoring of all higher education qualifications. She is responsible to ensure that all the higher education brands within Educor remain compliant under the relevant regulatory legislation found within South Africa. Her daily job tasks include interaction with the following regulatory bodies: South African Qualifications Authority, Department of Higher Education and Training, Council on Higher Education and various professional bodies. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and is in the dissertation phase of her studies.