“Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”

– Victor Hugo

Welcome to the South African division of Educor, the beginning, the roots of the giant which has grown exponentially to stand proudly as an internationally acclaimed brand. South Africa is where Educor’s humble beginnings originate from.

Our Brands

Starting the journey with 5 brands to expand to a total of 8 proudly South African brands, Educor dominates the private education sector via face to face, distance and online learning. Educor can now draw from a holistic educational legacy of over 350 years, making it the largest private educational provider to enter the international market.

The digital revolution within Educor as a whole has infiltrated all their brands, lifting the level of education to completely new heights. Educors future within the South African private education market will continue to strengthen, especially as Educor grows its international ties, linking the excellence of education between countries, between brands, and most importantly between people. The core South African brands currently stand as follows: