Educating our Staff

Staff Development

As a permanent employee of any of the brands under the Educor Holdings umbrella, you and your immediate family members (spouse, child, parent or sibling) qualify for a bursary to study at any one of the 7 educational brands. Permanent staff receive a 100% bursary and immediate family members are eligible for a 50% discount on course offerings.

Educor is familiar with the high costs of studying at tertiary institutions in South Africa. Whilst tuition fees may vary substantially, on average it can cost up to R35 000 a year to study and progress in a respective role.

The Group has already commenced with further employee development initiatives in aid of acquiring new skills and enhancing knowledge for career growth and increased work performance.

Educor has recently engaged with GIBS Business School who offer a range of exclusive executive, management and academic programmes. A number of employees have already attended some of these courses with many more scheduled to attend in the near future.