Research Overview

Research is one of the important pillars of any Higher Education Institution (HEI) and has also become the source of information and knowledge that gives an organisation the competitive advantage. HEIs have recognised that is vital to improve their research profiles and hence to provide academics with opportunities to undertake research. We at Educor are fortunate to have the support of the CEO and shareholders to capacitate, empower and inspire our academics and to allow Educor to grow into a research institution. In 2016 research initiatives included amongst others workshops for academics, colloquiums, the first Educor Multi-disciplinary Journal, online staff development, research projects and selection of research representations from each brand. Hence, 2016 saw the amazing creation of a research culture within Educor brands. Building together is imperative in our way forward which will ultimately lead to more competent and highly-trained professionals.


Trisha Ramsuraj

Research Manager

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Trisha joined the Educor Group as the Manager of Student Academic Affairs and moved on in 2017 to the position of Research Manager. She has extensive experience in higher education. She has held positions at private higher education with her most recent being the Head of Academic Planning. Trisha is currently pursuing the PhD in Management Sciences at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) and has successfully completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA) amongst her other qualifications. In her current role at Educor, Trisha is primarily tasked with the research, development of strategies, policies and procedures.