When it comes to business, we can truly measure the heart and soul of an organisation by the meaningful impact that it makes to society. Educor takes social consciousness and people empowerment very much to heart. Not only are we in the business of helping people build their dreams, but we are passionately invested in developing the lives of the pupils in the disadvantaged communities in which our campuses and sites are located.

It is with this in mind that Educor developed a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Policy, which focuses on primary and secondary education in these communities throughout the country. A key part of this policy is the newly launched Educor Education Foundation, which will be used as the vehicle to roll out both Group and brand specific CSI projects.  A central CSI committee has been appointed who is responsible for guiding the Group and its brands on projects, in conjunction with the campus/site staff representative from the respective provinces.

Educor has since embarked on a number of humanitarian and philanthropic drives to alleviate and address some of the key concerns experienced in South African society. Below are some of Educor’s CSI initiatives.

Even as we reach out to communities, we realise that we must also create an impact in the lives of our employees and therefore critical to this process is employee-driven projects and participation. These pillars will drive the policy forward and will be closely linked to the company’s overall business strategy and objectives.