Educor International

Welcome to the Educor International Division. We are proud to announce that since 2015, we have entered the international landscape with strategic partners in various countries, who we are working with to charter our vision for the next 10 years. Our team of international experts, including a specialised Research Office ensures that we enter all new territories with prior research and understanding of country regulation and policies.

The Educor strategy successfully began in South Africa, where education is seen as a right and not a privilege. Our partners share our passion for education and together we aim to inject new solutions in a continent that is hungry for knowledge.

Global Education

The international market has identified education as a global priority. Education will transform the world and by virtue of its nobility and higher purpose, is not just the property of a few, but an opportunity that must be afforded to all. Educor’s international strategy is rooted on this premise.

Expanding our Horizon

The collective legacy of our South African brands has provided a firm foundation upon which expansion is now possible. This expertise has allowed us to intelligently identify opportunities, conduct due diligence and then initiate transformation to the product and the buildings.

Education as a global priority

Our approach is driven by technology and is the future of education, as online platforms and facilities capture the attention of the new-generation student. The heart of our business lies in our multi-faceted identity and it is an expression of our diverse approach.

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  • New York
  • Germany
  • Sydney
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  • England