Educor Property Holdings

Property acquisition
and development company

With a vast portfolio of 25 prime business properties and shopping malls located throughout Southern Africa, which includes 76 090,74m² of owned property for rental. The company is currently 58% owned by Educor Property Holdings and in October 2015, the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) purchased a 42% stake.

The Public Investment Corporation (SOC) Limited

One of the largest investment managers in Africa today, managing assets of over
R1.8 trillion and still growing.

investment managers in
Africa today

One of the key priorities of the PIC is to address the developmental needs of Government. Among its vast portfolio of services, is the PIC Property Division, which is mandated to manage property assets consisting of mainly commercial office, retail and industrial properties.

The division’s diverse tenant base includes national retailers, major corporate entities and industrial groups, including many high profile national and international businesses. Currently, the PIC Properties clients are the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF), which is the largest pension fund in Africa, and the Community Property Fund, which has developed, and still manages 30 retail shopping centres in rural and urban townships.

The synergy created by the investment of the PIC will ensure that EPH will have access to both the vast knowledge, expertise and stakeholder-base that the PIC has established in the property market. In addition, EPH and its related projects will have access to additional funding, by the new debt facility made possible through a generous injection of capital by the PIC and Educor Holdings.


The strategic focus over the next five years is on growth and expansion across the property portfolio, both in South Africa and in Sub-Saharan Africa. One of its key objectives is to grow its asset base to maximise profits and create a larger portfolio to effectively mitigate risk and position the company to compete for new acquisition opportunities. These properties will extend beyond the educational brands of Educor Holdings, to include the wider education framework, e.g. student accommodation. Specific emphasis will be placed on rentals and acquisitions, optimising space, monitoring compliance and adhering to municipal requirements. Its vision for Africa is to extend the EPH brand equity; to analyse and capitalise on infrastructural opportunities; observe country and government protocol and identify service providers to extend its reach through effective service delivery.


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