“Prof. Adolf Lowies has in excess of 20 years of experience in Public and Private Higher Education as lecturer, student counsellor, Director of Research, Academic Director and Academic Strategist. He is a registered Educational Psychologist at the HPCSA with 9 years of private practice experience and an interest in psychology, higher education, research, teaching and learning, regulatory and compliance, quality assurance and knowledge management. He holds undergraduate and post graduate degrees from the University of Pretoria in Educational Psychology, Education and a MBA from Regent Business School (RBS) and a DBA from the University of Southampton in Knowledge Management.

Prof. Lowies has published more than 20 academic articles in peer reviewed International academic journals as well as many informal articles on health, education and psychology. He was the Executive Editor of an academic journal and has initiated the online Educor Interdisciplinary Journal that is registered at the DOAJ. He is responsible for the design and development of new academic programmes and strategic academic projects i.e. the School of Education, School of Business Management and Administration and School of Nursing at Educor Head office and is directing New Programme Design and Development, Instructional Design, Teaching and Learning and Research at Educor. “